[Can vodka be drunk directly]_How to drink_How to drink

Drinking is one of the things that people often have to do when they are entertaining.

Because drinking can give people a good atmosphere and good things happen at the same time.

But there are many types of wine, some liquor, beer, red wine.

Each wine has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Then red wine is more expensive, and most tasteful people choose it.

Vodka is a foreign wine, can vodka be drunk directly?

Vodka is one of the eight major spirits in the world and one of the base liquors for cocktails.

Most vodka is colorless and tasteless. It is also known as “white whiskey”. You can directly drink it with ice cubes like whiskey.

How to drink vodka pure drink: 1. Put vodka in the freezer layer of the refrigerator for about 30 minutes, shake the bottle out, and if it feels sticky, you can put it in.

2. After the vodka is iced, pour into a glass of wine, about 1-2 inches into each glass.

Then swallow all the wine to experience its unique feeling.

High-quality vodka will have certain quality characteristics, different from the raw materials and taste used in the distillation and filtration process.

Vodka and other things made into cocktails will also feel different.

1. Black Russians: vodka + cola 2. Dongnik: vodka + martini + dongnik (dongnik is a soda, lemon flavor) 3. vodka + cola + martiniHot) 4, vodka + orange juice 5, vodka + crystal grapes 6, vodka + FLOX (blue) 7, gold fingers: a drop of vodka, vanilla wine and pineapple juice are semi-crisp, add crushed ice and shake into the chicken tail cup.

8, white roses: vodka and rose wine melting point, add crushed ice and stir into the chicken tail cup, squeeze a slice of lemon peel, decorated with cherry.

Editor’s Note: Although vodka is a good cocktail, vodka is a spirit and you can’t drink more than that.